A Note for visitors to St. Andrew’s.

Hello Friends, thanks for dropping by the website to learn more about St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. I like this church; it’s a good place to work, and a good place to be an explorer of religious faith, as well as someone who has been in the Episcopal world for some time. There are lots of different kinds of people who are here for many different reasons.

Some of our people want to study and are working hard to ask questions and to integrate their faith in a post-modern 21st century world. And they want to teach their children and teenagers about Christianity but are not sure how to go about it.

On the other hand, some parishioners are comfortable with their faith as it is, and are happy simply to serve the community, love their neighbors by working the food pantry or habitat for humanity, and make some new friends.

Still others are passionate for social justice on a larger scale: for the earth, the poor, the outsiders, and peaceful coexistence and they feel Christ is calling them to be activists at St. Andrew’s.

If you are trying to imagine what this church is like and what it feels like, before you attend on Sunday morning, or before you get involved in some of our social action ministries, then please watch the visitor video or click on the contact tab to find ways to get specific questions answered.


Warmest Regards,

Fr. David Archibald

As we follow Jesus life and teachings we experience a transformation of consciousness which connects us with God, who is the core of our Being and who is Present in all things.

With a new God-Consciousness we are empowered to Love –

Especially loving the poor, the outsider, non-violence, and the planet.