Poverty hurts and the Way of Love calls us to go to where the pain is, do what we can, and not harden our hearts. The backbone of our community efforts to serve the poor is the Social Safety Net and is supplemented by charity, private non-profit programs and volunteering. We are learning how the Safety Net works and how it needs to be improved.

Ordinarily humans are cliché-ish, tribal, and we tend to care for those who are ‘like us’. By accessing the power of the Love of God, Jesus loved people who were excluded from the group, the stranger and the other.

Living near the border of the gateway to Central America we are called to love immigrants who would like to come to our country. The way of love calls us to create a system that is compassionate for the potential immigrant and the where burden of welcoming them is shared equitably among our citizens.

The consensus of the scientific community, around the world in the United States, has concluded that we all have to work immediately to rebalance the earth’s atmosphere by reducing the output of greenhouse gases.

The Way of love calls us to urgently respond to the situation from all angles. We will act to save
a. the people whose livelihoods will be impacted by changing to renewable energy.
b. the people directly impacted by climate change as the planet warms.
c. the plants and animals that depend on threatened ecosystems.