St. Andrew’s supports the recovery of all persons afflicted with addictive diseases.  This is a safe place to be honest and find support.  In person meetings have returned to St. Andrew’s.

Mondays      NA (Narcotics Anonymous – ‘Just for Today’)          6:15 pm

                      OA (Over eaters Anonymous)                                      7:00 pm

Tuesdays      Alanon                                                                           12:00

Thursdays    Alanon                                                                           12:00

Fridays         NA (Narcotics Anonymous – ‘Freedom Group’)        7:00 pm


The pastoral care teams and Fr. David need help in phone calling and/or visiting shut-ins.  The number of people unable to attend a church gathering has increased and remains high due to COVID.    Don’t just ask the staff ‘how is so and so I haven’t seen them in awhile.  Instead join the team of people who are calling for find out how they are. Your phone call or visit is critical at this time. Ask about how you can help.

Following Diocesan guidance tailored to the needs of St. Andrew’s we are able to offer in person gatherings with only a few restrictions beginning Sunday June 13.  It includes communion with intinction, if desired and other in persons gatherings including coffee hour.  We do need many volunteer helpers to restart the coffee hour between services.  Click hear for the full announcement.

Our next baptism is set for Sunday June 20th – which also happens to be Father’s Day.  If you are interested in learning more about baptism, see Fr. David.  Preparation is required going through this initiation into the Church; it includes discussing with Fr. David this document linking the Essential Story Class to the Baptismal Liturgy.