The Rite III Service (Sun – 9:45 AM)

We have a spiritual aspect to ourselves, and we are part of a universe that has an unseen spiritual nature. We live life to the fullest when we are in harmony with our true nature and with Nature itself. In Christian language we are both human and divine and as students of Jesus we are called to follow his teachings that lead is to our true selves, to wisdom in this life, and to God.

But it takes effort, and community, and teaching to move us foreword and to not ‘get stuck’ settling for ‘only water instead of the Good Wine’. This ‘Work’ is what we are up to at 9:45 AM. It’s a different kind of religious service and spiritual practice. You are invited to investigate and participate with other seekers pilgrims doing this spiritual work at St. Andrew’s.

Please take a look at these four very short videos linked below to find out more about this special service of ours.

Transformation Here & Now

Social Justice & Spiritual Awakening

Bring your dog & coffee, but most importantly your desire

Spiritual But Not Religious