Church Dates for February & March

Today Cub Scouts Hunger Lunch  12:30                                   Sunday March 6

Jesus was an Episcopalian  1:00 – 2:00                                     Sunday February 13

Spiritual Life Dates for March

For Lent: “The Rest of the Story”:  A Class on the Episcopal Church

Jesus was an Episcopalian (and you can be one too.)”  “Yes, the Lord has a sense of humor, that is why God created Anglicans! Thank you my friend for this light-hearted and generous invitation to inquirers.” –Desmond M Tutu Archbishop Emeritus  This light-hearted, interesting and thoroughly engaging book invites newcomers and those looking for a refresher course to take a new look at the Episcopal Church.” We hold together modern thought and an ancient faith firmly rooted in Jesus Christ.  Sundays, 1:00 – 2:00, March 13, in Fr. David’s office.

Children’s Church.  Please welcome the two newest members of the Children’s Ministry: Roy Hinojosa and Andy Dent. We are excited to have them on board working with Carol Waltner, Director of Children’s Ministries. 

Rite – 3 Patio Service

Bishop approved and out of the Book of Common Prayer, page 400. This service has been created for people who would never feel comfortable in a traditional church.  We created four videos about what makes this approach to God and spiritual growth different.  Look over these very short videos and forward them to friends and family who don’t really go to church anywhere and who perhaps grew up in the Episcopal world.

“Spiritual but not religious”                                                

“Bring your dog and coffee, but most importantly your desire” 

“Social Justice and Spiritual Awakening”                            

“Transformation here and now”                                          


An opportunity for the congregation.  We have a thirty thousand dollar deficit budget to make up in 2022 due to an increase in some fixed costs.  Fr. David volunteered a $5,000 one-time reduction in salary to begin to whittle down the deficit.  Consider you options and let us know if you can help with this situation.

The Four Loves – “Education, Inspiration, and Action”

  1. Love the Earth: Climate Change

For the waters of the ocean deep and the land which stand above the seas, all these are God’s own finest act of artistry. Psalm 95:4-5

* Climate change: Five things we’ve learned from the IPCC report

1- Things are way worse than we thought

From the melting of the Greenland ice sheet to the destruction of coral reefs, climate related impacts are hitting the world at the high end of what modelers once expected. And much more quickly than previously assessed by the IPCC.

2 – Loss and damage gets scientific backing

For several years, developing countries have been trying to get richer nations to take the idea of loss and damage seriously. It’s defined as those impacts of climate change that can’t be adapted to, or slow onset events like sea level rise.

3 – Technology is not a silver bullet

According to the IPCC, the use of some technologies designed to limit warming or reduce CO2 could make matters worse rather than better. There are also worries that machines that suck CO2 from the air could simply trigger the release of more warming gas.

4 – Cities offer hope

While large cities are hotspots for climate impacts, they also offer a real opportunity to avoid the worst impacts of warming. As cities continue to grow they can push for renewable energy, greener transport, and buildings. This could limit destructive climate impacts for millions.

5 – The small window is closing fast.

While this is a bleak assessment of the impacts now and in the future, the authors remain convinced that the worst impacts can be averted – if we act in time. The IPCC says this opportunity for action will only last for the rest of this decade, as the final sentence in the new report underlines.

Come to the next ‘Love the Planet’ meeting with Fr. David and also join with the Diocesan Creation Care  ministries as we educate ourselves, gain inspiration, and act – both individually and corporately.

  1. Love Peace

‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.’  – Matthew 5:9

* Ukraine is being taken apart by Putin, and the Russian army.

Thank you for supporting the free independent and democratic Ukraine as they have been invaded by Putin’s Russia.  How can we make the world a more peaceful place?  How can we show solidarity with the people of Ukraine?  If the price of gas goes up due to the uncertainty of the world wide supply will we tolerate it to be in solidarity with the free democratic nation?

* Laika Cheesecakes and Espresso, a Ukrainian owned San Antonio Restaurant, has received $40,000 in donations to help their family and the army back in Ukraine.  See the Kens 5 news story here.

* Episcopal Peace Fellowship

Peace, reconciliation, non-violence, justice and reconciliation all these are central to the Good News of Jesus.  Operating on many levels of healing from personal trauma to peace in the Middle East here is information on how to go deeper in this aspect of the work of Jesus and do so as a community here at St. Andrew’s.  Click here for more information.

  1. Love the Poor

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.’ Luke 4:18

* Short Term Action: CAM Tips on how to relate to the homeless on our streets.

  • You see someone at a corner asking for money or holding up a sign and you want to help.
  • Someone that visits your church and asks staff or a member for money to pay rent, to provide someone with a hotel, gas or other need.
  • Good hearted people become convicted and want to do something when they see people living in tents or sleeping on the side of the road.

What should one do?  What is the compassionate, moral, safe, and loving thing to do?

Click here for good ideas and tips.

* Systemic Changes to the Economy

At St. Andrew’s we help with CAM, Habitat for Humanity, Food Pantry, Angel Tree, the Honduran Mission Trip, and Good Samaritan Christmas meals.  All wonderful ministries!

As we move forward, we would also like to consider if changes need to, or can be made to our economic systems so that more people do not need generous charity.  The ability ‘to work hard and get ahead’ is sort of the American Dream.  Actually, many other countries are set up better than ours in this regard (we ranked 27th in 2020).

  1. Love the Outsider and Stranger

‘I was a stranger and you welcomed me’. Matthew 25:34

What is going on at the Texas Border? 

Here is a seminar put on by the NGOs and Church Ministries, including our Diocesan team, that teaches and explains how things work at the moment. During the summit, attendees will learn about and reflect on forced migration through the lenses of asylum, immigrant detention, and accompaniment. Panel discussions will include experts, practitioners, faith leaders, and lay leaders.

 The conference is scheduled to run from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. CT on Wednesday, March 30, and from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. CT on March 31. Register Here.


The Stranger and the Outsider in our midst

Amazing but true: about 66,000 legal asylum seekers with papers in hand and court hearings to go to passed through San Antonio in 2021.  We directly helped five (two families) make their way to their sponsors.   While immigration policies and rules change at our borders and the number of people looking to leave their countries ebbs and flows there are many opportunities to do small things which end up making a difference.  As we learn ‘the system’ we will present it to the congregation in a teaching in 2022 and as soon as possible.  St. Andrew’s is working closely with these two immigration ministries as we try to be open to the stranger and the outsider – ask Fr. David if you want to know more:

           – Interfaith Welcome Coalition.  – Updated website.

           – Episcopal Diocese of West Texas Immigration Ministries. – WEEKLY UPDATE

Honduran Mission Trip Update

Janet Drane has been disappointed at the Honduran trip has been put off this year for safety reasons.  These are COVID related and not in regards to violence or other any other issues.

Why these Four Loves?

Why are doing these social things?  I thought Jesus wasn’t political?

Where did the idea of the Four Loves come from?  The short answer is ‘Jesus’. But here is a 5-minute presentation which spells it out nicely. Click here.